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Important Information

  • Gift prices include delivery costs.
  • Citrus fruit are delivered only between December to March.
  • Gift boxes without citrus can be delivered all year round, worldwide.
  • We do not ship boxes containing fruit to the following states in the USA: Alaska, Arizona, California, and Hawaii.
  • Shipment of citrus to Canada: to Quebec and Ontario only.
  • If the item you ordered is out of stock, we will deliver a replacement item of equal or greater value at no extra charge.
  • We are only responsible for delivering the gift packages if the sender gave us a complete and correct address, including ZIP code, mobile number, and email address of the Receiving client (No P.O. BOX addresses accepted).
  • Please make sure to include the receiver’s mobile and Email.
  • For prices or countries which are not mentioned, Please call us 972-3-6969111.
  • Orders will be sent upon receipt of payment.
  • Due to the situation, prices are subject to change subject to world courier prices.
  • To the Destinations: Australia, Colombia, Chile, Iceland, China Singapore, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Cameroon, Argentina, Uganda, Thailand, Reunion and )Kenya, A customs charge may be charged (only if shipping is charged.
  • Ben Ezer Plantation will not compensate for a gift delivery delay due to force majeure.